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How To Source Out Your Wedding Photographer

CBerkshire wedding photographerrowd sourcing.

Seek it out via social media or from your inner network of friends and acquaintances. It’s for free and it’s the kind of source that will give you almost instantaneous results right off the bat. There’s no reason why you should be missing out on it.

Word of mouth.

A Berkshire wedding photographer who comes highly recommended by acquaintances as well as people that he has worked for in the past should really be considered accordingly. This is not the type of thing that you should allow to slip you by at some point or so. This is a powerful tool and it is also quite effective especially when you plan to get the best of the best out there so make sure that you take that into account.

Current vendors.

The best example is when you have already connected with a wedding planner to plan out the details for the wedding. There is a very huge chance that the wedding planner that you are already working with has a long list of other wedding vendors that he or she has on his or her list. This is a list that you ought to tap into and maximize as much as possible. This can save you so much money and so much time somewhere along the way. When you are in talks with your wedding planner, try to ask for some Bristol wedding photographer recommendations that they can bring your way. These are people that they have worked with in the past and obviously come highly vetted. This is why you ought to take that into account. You don’t have to go ahead and start searching people up from scratch all the time. You can piggyback on your wedding planner’s connections and have an easier way to get the Berkshire wedding photographer that you would like the most for the wedding.


This is one of the most powerful search engines in the world. Keying in a few keywords and tapping enter can immediately bring you literally thousands and thousands of results in the blink of an eye. This is the kind of resource that is easily within your disposal. It doesn’t matter if you do your research from a computer or from your smart phone right when you are taking a few sips of your morning coffee. The thing is, finding all of the info that you could possibly need is easy and relatively for free in this day and age. Everyone is connected and everyone has tremendous resource, thanks to the internet. If you are on a mission to find a really great professional Berkshire wedding photographer to book for the wedding, you don’t have to waste too much of your time and energy on it. You can do it easily and without ever having to ruin any of your usual routine or regimen. Get your toe in the water and try to rough up a search before you head in and dive in and start interviewing potential people that you can probably book as your official professional Berkshire wedding photographer.

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Taking Advantage of Social Media as a Tool in SEO for Photographers

Optimize the Social Media Age

seo for photographersWe are blessed to have things available to us in this era, thanks to technology. You might say it has also caused harm; yes because there is an advantage and disadvantage of everything but instead of focusing on the disadvantage, maximize the advantage.

What is your flare?

There is absolutely no one on planet earth that has nothing to offer to the world, we all have been gifted with numerous talents and ideas. So what are you waiting for? Begin to put that talent or unique idea to use; there are so many people out there looking for someone with your kind of ideas or with your kind of talent. Perhaps you can do variety of things, that’s a plus on your side especially with the SEO for photographers.

Do you belong?

Technology has made everything easy especially with the advent of social media. Do you belong to any of the social media platforms? We have lots of them from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumbir, YouTube, and so many more. Are you existing without living or vice versa?

Achievement thus far

Okay, you are probably saying you do belong to the social media sites I listed and even more, but what have you achieved thus far with them as regards your skills, talents, and ideas. You should learn to optimize these social media platforms to your advantage. A lot of people in the world have become millionaires, billionaires; all thanks to the social media age.

The use of search engines

We know Google, Bing and a host of other search engine sites. Do you know the number of people who surf the web each minute in search of answer, products, ideas, love, money, and so on. I met a photographer recently who complained that he was not doing so well in photography, I asked him if he made good use of the SEO for photographers and his reply was in the negative. So I asked him what he used his data subscription bundle for each month and he told me he mostly went on Facebook to like pictures, comment and add friends…

What a pity

So you spend money to have internet monthly and instead of using it to your advantage, you help Mark Zuckerberg make his billions and you are into photography; that was my response to the photographer. So I gave him some tips on how to maximize the SEO for photographers and make good income for himself through the search engines and social media platform.

Be attentive

Thanks to me, he took my advice and he currently runs a website where he makes a decent amount of money daily from advertisement, E-books, and traffic. He now holds seminar in different locations each month to train people on how to utilize the SEO for photographers and other aspects through the technology options we have today.

Like I said at the beginning, no idea is useless, no talent is too common; look for a way to stand out with yours, learn from others, seize the opportunity and find your way to the top. I hope this article has been of help. Best wishes.

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Major Bridal Don’ts

Don’t rule out a wedding planner.

wedding photographer EssexAlthough a wedding planner might turn out to be expensive, this is an expense that you need to prepare for and shoulder as much as you possibly can because the truth of the matter is that a wedding planner can make your life so much easier at the end of the day. You will be taking a lot of things out of your plate when it all comes down to it. A wedding planner can get you the rest of all of the other wedding vendors that you are going to need for the wedding and this is what you need to take a look at one way or the other. A wedding planner can mitigate all of the other risks for the wedding as well and this is something that you ought to take into account while you are at it. You are going to need a professional wedding photographer Essex along with a bunch of other important vendors for the wedding and you need to make sure that you pay attention to the type of planner that you invest no one way or the other. The aspect of shopping around for a wedding planner is one of the most important things that you will ever get to decide on so decide on it and take your time while you are at it. It is bound to matter a lot at some point or so.

Don’t put in your registry in your invites.

This makes it feel sort of tacky and not elegant and all and you need to make sure that you get to go through things with finesse and with class as much as possible. Putting in your registry details on the invites is pretty much the same thing as redlining to your guests that the gifts matter a lot to you. It will make them feel that you are materialistic and this is not a good way to start out with the sending out of the wedding invites so make sure that you get to take this into account at the end of the day. While you are at it, make sure as well that you go with a wedding photographer Essex who has a photography registry so that your guests will be able to go ahead and chip in on what you are trying to do or pull off for the wedding that you have set out to prep in the first place.

Don’t be too strict with social media.

Although you may have a bit of a gag order on the wedding details and the posting pre wedding, it would be a bit overboard to try to do that even after the wedding is over. People want to enjoy and have time during the wedding, not feel as if they are being restricted from having fun so be a little slow on the controlling and overbearing part when it all comes down to it.

Don’t crash diet.

Don’t crash diet. Eat healthier and ease your way into it as much as possible. This will turn out to be the best achievement you will get out of the wedding day that you have been planning out when it all comes down to it.

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3 Things to Consider When Choosing a Wedding Photographer Andover

wedding photographer andoverWhen it comes to the wedding photographs, couples expect them to be timeless and a  visual reminder of the events that took place on the special day. However, the process of choosing a wedding photographer Andover is not as easy as most people think. For one, there is a vast pool of potential photographers to choose from. The following are few pointers that can help you in making the right decision:

The photographer’s portfolio

How to know a serious wedding photographer Andover is if they have a collection of previous work done by them arranged for a client’s perusal. What you should eventually notice about the portfolio is the quality and style of the images within the portfolio. A particular quality of the best photographers is their ability to accentuate the emotions of the day and also grasp the personalities of the wedding guests. They should also be able to offer different styles to their clients.

The range of styles a photographer is able to deliver should tell you that he can handle your own preferred style. It is best to ask if a photographer has a wider range of pictures to test their variety. If you are looking for formal or informal, traditional or contemporary, then there should be a photographer that can deliver.

Value for money

When you plan on receiving a service from a service provider in this case wedding photographer Andover, you need to be sure that you are getting quality for the amount you are paying. Value for money is a significant factor that coincides with the cost attached to acquiring the service. Note that the cost should not be the main factor for selecting the photographer.

The prices that are high do not equal high quality images and the same applies for prices that are low. Some photographers offer packages that are flexible to the needs of the client. If possible, try to get a package that is inclusive of all expenses the photographer is likely to occur. This is to prevent problems in future regarding unpaid bills..

Personal experience

Another thing to bear in mind about the wedding photographer Andover is that on hiring them, they also bring to your wedding years of personal experience that comes from covering weddings. Along the line of specializing in this profession, they tend to pick up certain things that are not known to all. The knowledge they bring to the wedding will then be used to structure and organize the pictures for your special day.

You might think of giving a new photographer their first coverage but at the end of the day, you may need to ask yourself if you can entrust your memories to a novice.

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The Aesthetics of Fine Art Wedding Photography

fine art wedding photographyThe ability to see an artistic beauty in a wedding scene or otherwise where every other person will see the visual properties of the environment is a skill in for fine art wedding photography. This form of photography does not just involve capturing images, the main purpose of fine art wedding photography is to show, visualize and present the artistic abilities of the photographer and the unseen aesthetics of a particular scene.


  • Insatiable Curiosity
  • Ability to bring out the best out of a mundane situation
  • The ability to bring out beauty from imperfections.


The Close-Ups Camera lens:

The lens helps the camcorder to capture images that are sharp and not blurry by initiating a good focus for the camera than the camera would have done it. That is the captured image will be bigger in the framing. That means close-ups help in magnifying images.

When Close –ups are stacked together; the one with the highest power should be next to the camera. There are some issues that result from stacking close-ups: it tends to reduce the quality as there is lighter and distortions/ abnormalities and more glass. Secondly, as the increase in magnification, the field depth decreases and thirdly, using close-ups will require the photographer getting near to the image to be photographed.


  • Use complete zoom were vignetting is most likely
  • Use a small aperture and set it with F8, most times this is the smallest aperture cameras give.
  • Utilize the manual mode, on the G3 it enables higher shutter speed but produces a different light quality and darker backgrounds.
  • Use a manual focus. Lock the F1 and then gently rock the camera back and forth until a sweet spot is found where the subject looks crisp in the LCD.


After the wedding pictures have been taking, in fine art wedding photography, the pictures are taking to the photography darkroom where the editing is done and aesthetic beauty highlighted. The goal of the photographer is not to disrupt the images while in the dark room, rather to modify and improve on the outputs of the camera. However, not usually in practice, more clouds can be added to the atmosphere, some unwanted items can be removed or changes made to the background of the subject. This are all ways of bring out the artistic effect in wedding pictures.

There is also the technique of taking many pictures instantaneously manipulating composition and focal planes to increase the Depth of Field.


  • Capture many pictures varying them on separate focal planes so you are more likely going to get some good pictures.
  • Cropping, adjusting and rotating the curves levels, also making the object the focal point and making less distinct the surrounding are some of the basic means of improving the image.

However, as you take note of the above tips, try implementing a bit of artistic creativity to make your images different from the norm.

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How The Wedding Photographer York Captures Wedding Memories

Get married in York

wedding photographer yorkThe opportunity to get married in York is viewed by some as a fairytale coming true. This might be because of the fact that the York countryside holds a wealth of beauty so appealing most people view it as an idyllic location. It is as if it has gone through time undamaged by the constant changes.

York is one of the most beautiful places that England has. So, if you are one of those couples seeking a magical wedding, that provides a unique and wonderful experience, then this is the place to hold your wedding. The York countryside provides a lot of beautiful landscapes for the wedding photographers York.

However, the fact that you are privy to the beauty of the landscape is not the only reason to have your wedding held here. The perfect weather is also an excuse to hold an outdoor wedding at this place. An outdoor wedding with a beautiful background in the form of landscapes will be any wedding photographer York dream.

The photographer and the memories

Now as you know, no wedding can be deemed complete without the presence of a wedding photographer York. The wedding photographer is the one tasked with the responsibility of making sure that all the moments be it fleeting or poignant are caught in camera. For the couple, they do not care how this is done as long as their wedding photographs are exactly as they are expected it to be.

Yes the photographer delivers on the expectations of the couple but how does he do so. The following can be considered to be a course of action taken by the wedding photographer York to capture memories for wedding couples:

Using Two Cameras

The photographer may have more than one camera at his disposal but this does not mean he can use them at the same time. However, two cameras can be put to use in covering a wedding in the sense that the photographer gets an assistant or friend to help in covering the wedding as well. This way, more ground is covered at a faster pace and no moment can go unnoticed by two cameras working at different ends of the wedding. More coverage is guaranteed to the couple and at the end of the day more pictures.

Scouting the location

Another way in which the photographer goes about making sure the couple gets what they demanded for is by scouting the wedding location. For most couples, the wedding ceremony may be held at one location while the wedding venue is in another. This means that the wedding will be split in two parts in two different places.

The thing about venues is that they may seem the perfect choice to hold a wedding but for a wedding photographer it may be a nightmare to take pictures. Things like lightning, weather, flash, backdrop, reflection etc. have to be taken into consideration and that is why most photographers feel the need to scout the location beforehand. While scouting the locations, they pinpoint locations that are best suited to taking photographs.

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4 Things a Bride and Groom to Be Need to Know About Their Edinburgh Wedding Venue

edinburgh wedding photographerFirst things first, congratulations on your engagement! Now it is time to make plans for the wedding. One of the things that makes a wedding what it is apart from the skills of an Edinburgh wedding photographer is the choice of wedding venue. You may already have a wedding venue in mind but do you have the necessary information? The following are questions you ought to have the answers to:

Is the wedding venue available on our wedding day?

This question may seem like something every couple needs to ask. Alas, not every couple does that. Some couples plan their weddings with the assumption that the venue they want will be available by the time they need it. They do not make the necessary enquiries to confirm its availability and end up getting disappointed when they find out it is unavailable.

Before making plans as to how you want that particular venue to be decorated, making plans about how the Edinburgh wedding photographer will shoot the day and also selecting a wedding date make enquireies. Pick up the phone, talk to the owner or manager of the venue, ask for its availability before making a visit to the venue to determine whether it actually fits into your plans.

Is there a limit to the number of guests that can be seated for a meal at the venue?

You may not see the importance of this but this is crucial. A large wedding venue cannot play host to a small wedding party. Therefore, you do not want to select a wedding venue that can hold 300 people when you only have about 50 sitting down for a meal.

Another thing you need to be aware of is how comfortable your guests are going to be. You cannot expect your guests to feel comfortable cramped in a small venue or having to shove to get to different areas of the wedding venue. If possible, request for the seating plan and ask for the type of tables being used.

When will access be granted to the wedding venue on the day?

If the website of the wedding venue says “Exclusivity for the day guaranteed!”, does that mean you should take it at face value? To prevent possible problems, it would be best for yu to ask tht this statement be clarified. It is not a new thing for sites to offer false advertising with the reality being different from what was advertised.

You need to know when access to the wedding venue will be granted to you as there will be different wedding vendors such as the Edinburgh wedding photographer looking to get in early and set up. Confirm the time so you do not arrive at thewedding venue early yet you are left standing outside till opening hours.

Is there a place where the wedding party can get ready in the venue?

Do not make the mistake of assuming that you every wedding venue provides rooms for the bride and groom to get ready. Although this option is preferable as it prevents the couple from racing to beat the clock, it is not available at all venues.

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Finding The Perfect Wedding Photographer

Quality is important.

wedding photographer wimbledonAnyone would think that anyone could take pictures as long as they take good photos, as long as they feel up to it and as long as they know how to hold a camera. But choosing a photographer is a big choice to make, especially if you want the wedding photos which you’re probably going to keep for the rest of your life as remembrance, to be perfect. There is a difference between ordinary wedding photos from professionally done wedding photos. The difference? Quality. Because of course, people would never be perfect, but your pictures could be.

Photography style.

So in choosing a photographer, be specific in what type of style you want the pictures to be. Whether you want candid photos, wherein pictures are stolen shots within the moment, or formal photos where everyone smiles for the camera and with uniformed or choreographed poses. Or if filters are what you had in mind, find someone who could work well with them, especially when he/she is already used to it. Knowing how you would want the photos to turn out is a great way to choose your photographer. You’d be comfortable, and satisfied with the service you’ll receive. You won’t just look happy in the pictures, you’d be happy even after you see them.

Look at full weddings.

If you want to know what type of photos you might be getting, check a few sample albums from the photographer to analyse the quality if it really is what you’re looking for in a photo. You may ask questions regarding the pictures and point out your thoughts and opinions whether or not something in the way the pictures were taken can be changed. Also consider his/her reputation and experience to make sure that they know what they’re doing and you can trust them enough to have a vision. Have a vision of your own of course, which would give the person you’re working with something to start off with. This would allow both of you to talk about what to work on and what certain details to keep in the photos.

Find someone with a pleasing personality.

Remember that the person you are going to choose as your wedding photographer Wimbledon is someone you will have to work with and spent time with. They work for you, not the other way around. A good wedding photographer Wimbledon knows how to understand your vision in how the pictures are going to look and make it translate to the final photo. You might as well not take someone who could be very brilliant at his/her work but doesn’t exactly please you in terms of personality. Otherwise, you couldn’t work together well and you’d just be at each other’s necks the whole time. Maybe not literally, but you’d at least feel that way. You can’t pick a goody-two-shoes who doesn’t know how to hold a camera either. As much as you’re supposed to get along with your photographer, making friends isn’t the only thing you’ll be doing. At the end of the day, a good photographer means great memories captured.

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Why You Need To Hire a Professional Gay Wedding Photographer 

Photographing same-sex marriages is not as alike as photographing couples of opposite sex.

wedding photographyYou need a photographer who understands the dynamism of your relationship. For your wedding day, you do not need an amateur to capture photos that you are not looking for. You need someone who is prepared and knows what it means to take shots of marriages of the same sex and not just a cameraman with just a camera in his hands. Here are important reasons why you need a professional gay wedding photographer.

He his familiar with LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual or transgender) weddings

You need someone who is quite familiar with taking shots of LGBT weddings, don’t you? He is familiar with those nuanced background details that are supposed to appear in every gay wedding. You need to think about the compatibility. This is one reason why you need a gay wedding photographer and not just any type of photographer around.

An LGBT wedding photographer has lots of experience in shooting gay weddings. An experienced photographer is what you need to have the best photos who and your partner wishes for. Experience is what distinguishes a professional from an amateur who has shot in different gay weddings.

He is friendly and executes his job well

In the earlier days of same-sex marriages, gays were allowed to find any photographer that is accommodating to shoot their weddings. Right now with the ever-changing world, gay couples are looking for gay wedding photographers who are not only friendly but take beautiful shots of their wedding with perfection. This means that there are in need of getting a professional who can produce clear photos of that wedding day.

A professional LGBT photographer is not only friendly, but he executes the job well, providing brilliant photos that are pleasing to look at.

He knows the right moments to take at the right time

A professional gay wedding photographer knows the right moments to take. These are moments you really want to appear on your photos, right? He is not just a photographer with a camera in his hands; he knows when to take pictures at the right moment.

You will be surprised with the outcome

There are lots of reasons why you need a professional photographer who is quite familiar with gay weddings. You will be surprised about the outcome of your wedding photos. This is because he will transform your wedding from an ordinary one to an extraordinary one.

You do not have to be afraid of how your wedding photos are going to look like; this is because a professional gay wedding photographer will capture the right moments you all want to remember even after when the marriage is long gone. This professional has all the experience and skills that are needed to transform your wedding to a delightable one. Also, he will make sure your wedding is the “talk” of the town. These are reasons why you need a professional for your wedding. Furthermore, you can also check out this gay wedding photographer ( for some interesting pictures that will portray that special day of yours.

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Wedding Photography: Things To Focus On Aside From The Couple

Weddings celebrate the love between people in a grandiose ceremony that involves a lot of people and many intricate formalities.

wedding photographer surreyThe stars of the night are the couple who will be exchanging their vows in front of the altar. As a wedding photographer Surrey it is your main objective to capture as many photos of them as possible. Yet, as a wedding photographer Surrey you also have a job to complete the side objectives which is snapping a lot of pictures not involving the couple of the hour. Wedding photography encapsulates all the things and people who happened to be present during the wedding ceremony. It doesn’t only involve the couple who are tying the knot.

Wedding photographers should also take time and snap pictures of the guest, venue and decorations that helped make the wedding a success. Missing out on snapping these events would be like reading the first part of a story, skipping all the events in between and rushing to the ending page. As a wedding photographer Surrey it is your job to tell the entire story of the wedding, even the part when Uncle Bob got a bit tipsy at the reception.

A great focus point that wedding photographers should consider capturing is the interactions and reactions of the guests during the wedding.

When the parents of the bride shed a tear when they saw her enter, take a picture. When the flower girl threw flowers in the air, take a picture. When the doves were released, snap a picture. These small moments are what make wedding photography beautiful. Think of them as adjectives that enhance the beauty of a sentence. Going without these wedding pictures will make your wedding photography bland and boring. Snapping pictures of only the bride and groom would make your wedding photography look egocentric and that certainly isn’t the wedding photography theme or message you or your client is going for. Plus, precious moments like these are timeless and can happen only once in a lifetime. It would be best if they would be recorded on film for future generations to see and fawn over.

The next focus point aside from the couple is on the inanimate objectives that surround the wedding.

Why? Again, you wish to tell the whole tale of the wedding and these lifeless objectives are part of the tale. Good wedding photographers always take photos of the bride’s bouquet, the flower arrangements and champagne glasses. These help set the mood of wedding photography and add artistic flavor which save the wedding photography from looking unimaginative. Photographing these objects helps wedding photographers build on the wedding photography concept that the couples want for their weddings. Snapping a picture of champagne glasses with the bottle gives an air of sophistication and elegance to the wedding photography. The flowers add aesthetic colors and freshness to the wedding album.

Overall these photos act as the thread which silently weaves together a good wedding photography.

Plus, it kind of gets boring when you only have pictures of people smiling or laughing all throughout the wedding album. Adding a few pictures of ribbons and petals would spice things up and add mystery to your wedding photography. Consider these focus points in your wedding photography and see the difference. Reach out to wedding photographer Surrey ( if you would like to get the best in your local area.

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